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A House Made of Bricks

Standing in Kafuko Minina’s compound, it is easy to see the changes she has made since enrolling in BeadforLife. Standing next to an old mud house where Kafuko and her children used to reside is a large, four room brick home in which they have recently moved. Kafuko did not have any source of income before joining BeadforLife. As one of three co-wives, she received little support from her husband aside from the land he provided for the house. She emphatically states, “BeadforLife is the one constructing this house.”

Kafuko Minina has seven children and is now supporting a grandchild who was born two months premature. She says the income from BeadforLife has allowed her to buy food during food shortages and to pay school fees for her children. Kafuko believes that “the greatest help you can give a child is educating him or her.” She has high hopes for her children’s futures. Kafuko hopes to aid one of her daughters in starting up a drug shop (pharmacy) that will help to support her and the rest of the family.

Kafuko Minina is now participating in a BeadforLife agribusiness program and has planted two acres of maize and g-nuts (peanuts). Kafuko was able to purchase agricultural inputs including seeds and fertilizer through a pre-loan on her business fund. Members of BeadforLife in Iganga are now putting some of their income each month into a business fund to support their new business and to help sustain it after completing our program.


  1. avatarTeresa Gil Vila

    I can see that Beadforlife is helping women to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Great work, Karen!

  2. avatarBeadforLife Staff

    Thanks, Waunita! Your support is very appreciated.

  3. avatarWAUNITA M. HERRON

    I am very impress with Kafuco’s accomplishment and I wish her a prosperous future.

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