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Alternative Transportation Month!

BeadforLife is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We have created an environmental policy to show the steps that we are taking to reduce, reuse and recycle.tree

This month in Boulder, Colorado the home of our North American office we are participating in Bike to Work Day!  Bike to Work Day celebrates commuters getting out of their cars and trying their bikes to get to work.  BeadforLife has decided to take this one step further by encouraging our staff to use alternative transportation to and from work for the entire month of June.

BeadforLife is supporting our staff to personally use alternative transportation by offering individual alternative transportation goals for the month of June along with a team goal. Each person can track their transportation by using a ticker in our office that tracks biking, carpooling and busing individually.

Our BeadParty assistant, Linda Crane also created a fabulous tree that lists each persons name on a separate branch. Individual goals are tracked by putting a leaf stamp on your branch for each time you use alternative transportation.

Join us this June by getting out of your car and using alternative transportation! It’s a great way to stay fit, get some fresh air and see more of your local area.

The BeadforLife Environment Team


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