The Spark

Issac’s Transformation

I met Issac in 2005 at an open air restaurant where he was making his way from one table to another. “Can you sponsor me for high school?” he asked quietly his eyes downcast. He told me that he was a refugee from the genocide in Rwanda. His grandmother had saved him and a younger sister by running into the bush in the the middle of the night. Eventually, his grandmother made her way with the two children to Uganda. Issac would become our first BeadforLife sponsored student, with hundreds of others to follow. BeadforLife helped him finish high school and go to computer school.
Issac seized his opportunity and learned everything he could about computers. Naturally a hard worker and a hustler, he soon found himself a job with a local communications company. That led to further opportunities which included moving to Norway for a year. He now lives in South Africa. He sent his sister to college and now supports his grandmother who saved their lives. Issac has a family of his own now, as well as a home and car. He transformed his life, because he was given a boost by BeadforLife. We saw his potential and wanted to support that. We are very proud of Issac for leaving poverty behind.


  1. avatarMeredith Tolsdorf

    What a fabulous story Torkin. He should write a story for this column with more detail and his feelings for Bead For Life.

  2. avatarSamuel DeHaven

    Congratulations all around – for the grandmother, Issac and you! The kind of work you do and the investment in people is the reason I contribute monthly to BeadforLife.

  3. avatarRuth

    I remember meeting Issac when in Uganda in ’06…such a beautiful soul. So excited for Issac, so proud of him.

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