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Prossy’s Hard Work Pays Off

“If it was not for my work I would be finished by now.” – Nagitta Prossy

For Prossy, hard work gives her joy. It has empowered her to raise her children after her husband died seven years ago. “Hard work keeps the smile on my face,” she says.

Prossy is 38-years old, living with two sets of twins, ages 10 and 13. Since she joined Street Business School last summer, her life is changing by the day. After losing her husband, life became so difficult. With no education or employable skills, she realized she needed to change her own situation. She’d been working so hard by washing clothes, even though it paid her so little. Her priority was always sending her children to school.

Prossy feels her life is transforming at a rate she didn’t imagine. Just one week after joining Street Business School, she started a new business of selling boiled maize(corn) and continued washing clothes. She works seven days a week and her hard work is finally paying off, because of the bookkeeping skills she received from Street Business School. She now manages her money and pays herself.

Three years ago, Prossy suffered an ear infection that left her partially deaf. Her hearing problems did not deter her from attending Street Business School, as she came early to take the front seat to be sure she could hear. She is so proud that her eldest child is joining a secondary school, a level she wasn’t able to attain herself. Prossy loves her work and the fact that she is lifting her family out of poverty!

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