The Spark

Street Business School Woman

Her eyes shine with a light that wasn’t there before

As she proudly and confidently steps through that door

The door has always been there but she thought it was for others

She was told to take care of the home and babies – school was for her brothers

She did as she was told, but her babies were hungry and so was she

She knew deep in her soul there was another way to be

At the Street Business School, she developed her skills and found hope

That she could make something of herself and do more than just cope

The coaches saw the spark in her and helped her believe

In all that she could do and in what she could achieve

Today she has her business and her wallet is full

The hunger is gone and her kids are in school

She learned that in life there can be another way

Now she is empowered and embraces each new day

We all have the love and strength, it’s in me; it’s in You

When we work together, there’s nothing we can’t do!

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