The Spark

The Transformation of Sharifa

Fleeing the Congo with her husband and children meant that Sharifa had to leave everything she knew and loved behind. The country was in a turmoil of civil war and this young family had fled for their lives. They arrived in Uganda with almost nothing and moved into a slum where they were able to live from hand to mouth working as manual laborers and eating one meal a day.

Then Sharifa joined BeadforLife’s Street Business School and began to dream of starting a jewelry business. She said recently “Every woman wants to look smart and be admired so I just knew jewelry would be a good business. She began by purchasing just a few items and reselling them for a profit. Soon her husband built her a portable display rack and she bought more items to sell.

Sharifa tried several locations and different times of the day to discover when sales would be the best. Now she has a regular spot in a local market where she is doing a regular business in jewelry, plus she is now selling beautiful fabrics from the Congo. Sharifa’s family is now eating three meals a day and her children are all in school. Her potential has been ignited and there is no stopping her now!

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  1. avatarPat

    Beautiful story! Congratulations, Sharifa!

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