The Spark


Introducing a repurposed collection with a greater purpose.


Handmade beads from Ethiopia and India, silver-plated toggle clasps, flexible beading wire— these are just a few types of the extra jewelry supplies that had been accumulating from past collections. Instead of disposing of these excess supplies, we discovered we could create something beautiful and lessen our impact on the environment. This jewelry collection is created almost entirely from repurposed metal beads, clasps, and wire. Even the “new” paper we sourced for rolling beads is recycled.


This resourceful sense of “working with what you already have” is prevalent throughout Street Business School and BeadforLife, and is the foundation of our new Less is More Collection.


This same sense of repurposing is ingrained in the culture at our Boulder, Colorado office. From reusing packing material so we never purchase new bubble wrap, to buying secondhand office furniture, to recycling and composting, we live and breathe the reduce and reuse “less is more” philosophy.


Poverty-stricken communities know all too well what it means to live with less: less money, less food, less access to healthcare, and less well-being. Our Global Catalyst Partners are using Street Business School to lift these communities out of poverty, sustainably, by helping to identify more: more resourcefulness, more problem solving and more opportunities. SBS participants discover their untapped potential and find their inner confidence to leave poverty for good. Starting life with less doesn’t mean living with less; less can become more!


The Less is More Collection inspires us to think creatively, design thoughtfully, create sustainable opportunities, and add beauty to the world with minimal impact on the environment. Less is definitely more!

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