Disbursed in Uganda as indicated below:

  • Paid directly to our BeadforLife members at the time we purchase their items or given in materials to: Beaders, tailors and Shea nut gatherers
  • Fund current community development projects including entrepreneurial training, girls education, health projects, agricultural support, etc. (including Uganda program staff and other product costs).
  • Award grants to other organizations outside of the U.S. to fight poverty in key program areas.


Disbursed Worldwide as indicated below:

  • Program expenditures to educate & engage people about extreme poverty, including development of a curriculum (including worldwide program staff and related costs). 
  • Program expenditures to create markets for the products produced by our BeadforLife members (including worldwide program staff and related costs).
  • Award grants to other organizations in the U.S. to fight extreme poverty and educate people about extreme poverty.


Disbursed in Uganda, the U.S. and Europe for non-program specific general and administrative expenses to manage our global operations.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S., a Loi 1901 organization in France, and a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda. We strive to do ongoing evaluation, learn from our successes and failures, and adapt our programs in order to maximize our impact. We take transparency and accountability seriously. We also participate in an annual audit in both our US and Kampala offices. 

During this past 2011-2012 fiscal year, despite decreased revenue, BeadforLife was able to continue providing program services in Uganda at a steady level using revenue earned in previous years that had been earmarked for community development. Additional information on the past year is available in our Annual Report.

How The Money Is Spent
BeadforLife Expenditures      



This past year over 400,000 people joined our Bead Circle by volunteering, bringing beads to their community, engaging through social media or proudly wearing beads.

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