The role of our North America and Europe staff is to educate and engage global citizens on issues of extreme poverty, and to create effective and compelling ways to get involved.

North America Office

Executive Director/Co-Founder: Devin Hibbard

Program Team:

Heather Ditillo: Program Director for North America & Europe 

Patty Manwaring: Strategic Partnerships

Korri Roach: Volunteer Department Manager

Alecia McClure: BeadParty Program Specialist

Business Team:

Barb Heverly: International Business Director

Fulfillment Team:

Erin Fischer: International Inventory Director

Nicole Holmberg: Fulfillment Manager

Mary Lynn Schildt: Fulfillment Specialist

Katie Ellenwood: Studio and Customer Care Specialist

Bill Rohs: Logistics Specialist

Amy Yanda-Lee: Communications Manager

Gillian Owen: Digital Marketing Specialist 

Europe Office

Jennifer Rowell-Gastard: BeadforLife Europe Program Manager


Over 10 different languages are spoken by our staff members in the US, Europe and Uganda.


Through our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, rough estimates say we've taken 23 mtCO2e (metric tons of carbon dioxide) out of the atmosphere in the last year, equal to 5 cars taken off the road or 5 acres of trees planted.