Register to Host Your Party

We believe its important to give back not just to Uganda but to our local communities as well.

That’s why we provide the opportunity to host a Fundraising Bead Party so you can make a difference for a non-profit organization in your community. Host a Fundraising Bead Party, and we’ll donate 20% of the funds you raise to the non-profit organization of your choice, such as your school, church or a local charity. 

Here’s how to participate

Step One

Select the non-profit organization you want to support. Make sure that the organization is registered as a 501c3 non-profit with the IRS and that you can obtain a copy of its IRS Form W-9

Step Two

Register online, and be sure check the Educational Fundraising box on the registration form. 

Step Three

Send us an IRS Form W-9 (taxpayer Identification) to confirm non-profit status for the organization you are choosing to support. Once we receive your returned Bead Party box and all of the funds you raised, a donation check will be written directly to the organization you designate when you registered your Bead Party. Be sure we have received an IRS Form W-9 for your designated charity by the time you complete your Fundraising Bead Party. We cannot issue a donation check without it.

Support Your School

Professional and Technical High School of Florida raised more than $1,000 for its school by hosting Fundraising Bead Parties. The funds helped students form the Students Going Global club, which investigates issues of concern, works with global charities, and performs community service. Learn more here.

Support Your Church

Church of the Palms in Florida raised almost $500 through its Fundraising Bead Party to support missions serving the homeless, low income disabled adults, and international "interns" learning how to grow food and provide clean water in communities suffering from extreme poverty.

Support A Non-Profit

An elementary school in California hosted two Fundraising Bead Parties and raised more than $1,000 to support the African Library Project, a non-profit that starts small libraries in African schools and villages.