Register to Host Your Party

Hosting a Bead Party event is fun and easy. Our Bead Party team will support you every step of the way with informational materials, web resources, and personal attention to your questions and concerns.

Step 1

Decide when and where to host your event, and who you would like to invite.  No space at your home? Consider taking it to work, church or any social event.  You can keep your BeadParty inventory for up to three months, which makes it easy to share.

Step 2

Go to our on-line Registration Form to order your Bead Party box. Once you hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page, your registration is complete. We’ll send you a selection of BeadforLife handcrafted jewelry and shea butter body care products on consignment. We’ll also include support materials, like a DVD to show to your guests and information about our work worldwide. 

Step 3

Create your Bead Circle page. Once you submit your Bead Party registration, you will be directed to page that allows you to create your own webpage to promote your event. You can include photos and event details, and invite guests using email and social media. (It's okay if you want to create a Bead Circle later. Simply exit the BeadforLife website. You'll be taken back to that page the next time you login.)

Step 4

Open your Bead Party box and bring on the fun! Try on some jewelry, enjoy the scents of our shea products, and begin to imagine your display. Now is the perfect time to count your inventory.

Step 5

Host your Bead Party!

Step 6

Now that your event is over, make sure to count unsold items and complete your inventory form.  Next, return unsold items and the funds you raised. You’ll find the prepaid label in your Bead Party host folder.

Congratulations for making a difference!



Bead Party tips and tools

Get these useful resources, like price tents, sales trackers, African recipes and more.