Host a Bead Party and change the lives of women in Uganda who are working hard to raise themselves out of extreme poverty. 

Two weeks prior to your first event, simply register to receive a box of our recycled paper jewelry and Shea butter products. Sell what you can, send back what you can't along with the proceeds and check off "change the world" from your list! The funds you raise by selling our products will be invested in programs that give entrepreneurial training and empower impoverished Ugandan women and girls to rebuild their futures.

Each of our Bead Parties features at least three of our newest products – the Imara Cuff and Mirembe Wrap bracelets, Kibbo baskets, Asali Chunky and Nuru Pendant necklaces – as well as our new Girls Education Bangle that will help send girls in Uganda back-to-school. All of these great options come with a selection of our most popular items and beautifully redesigned resources and materials for you and your guests, too!

Learn what products are available in each box here.

Host a Back-to-School Bead Party! 
It’s a great way to shop stylish, affordable looks for the students and teachers in your lives—and a great way to support our Girls Education Program
When you register your Bead Party with the promo code GIRLS, we’ll put the proceeds towards tuition, room & board, supplies and Empowerment Camps for a bright but impoverished girl in secondary school in Uganda.

Hosting a Bead Party event is fun and easy. Our Bead Party team will support you every step of the way with informational materials, web resources, and personal attention to your questions and concerns.

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We've assembled a toolkit of useful resources for your Bead Party that you can download directly to your computer, as well as recommended videos, books and websites to help you gain more in-depth knowledge about extreme poverty issues.

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Host a Fundraising Bead Party and raise money for your school, church or other non-profit organization.

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Interested in attending a Bead Party? There might be one happening soon right in your community! Here's an easy way to find it.

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Bring The Party With You.
Our Party-to-Go makes it easy to bring your Bead Party with you to the pool, the beach, the BBQ, the festival—or any fun summer event! It’s all packed up in a convenient tote bag and ready to go—just don’t forget sunscreen! 

Register Here and choose the Party-to-Go box when registering.  


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