Celebrate Mother's Day with a special party to acknowledge the mothers in your life and help mothers in Uganda rise from poverty.

Three weeks prior to your first event, simply register to receive a box of our recycled paper jewelry and Shea butter products. Sell what you can, send back what you can't along with the proceeds and check off "change the world" from your list of New Year's Resolutions! The funds you raise by selling our products will be invested in programs that bring JOY and empower impoverished Ugandan women and girls to rebuild their futures.

Each of our Bead Parties features at least three of our newest products – the Imara Cuff and Mirembe Wrap bracelets, Kibbo baskets, Asali Chunky and Nuru Pendant necklaces – as well as our new Girls Education Bangle that will help send girls in Uganda back-to-school. All of these great options come with a selection of our most popular items and beautifully redesigned resources and materials for you and your guests, too!

Learn what products are available in each box here.


Hosting a Bead Party event is fun and easy. Our Bead Party team will support you every step of the way with informational materials, web resources, and personal attention to your questions and concerns.

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Global poverty is complex and can be an overwhelming topic to explore. A Spotlight Bead Party allows you and your guests to focus on one aspect through group activities and materials we provide. A portion of the funds you raise will be allocated to BeadforLife programs that address the issue you studied.

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Host a Fundraising Bead Party and raise money for your school, church or other non-profit organization.

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We've assembled a toolkit of useful resources for your Bead Party that you can download directly to your computer, as well as recommended videos, books and websites to help you gain more in-depth knowledge about extreme poverty issues.

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Interested in attending a Bead Party? There might be one happening soon right in your community! Here's an easy way to find it.

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Host a Live Below the Line Fundraising Event. Raise awareness about Global Poverty and Sell beads in your community to raise money for BeadforLife.

Register Here >> and choose the Live Below the Line event pack.


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