Hosting a BeadforLife Marketplace is fun and meaningful—and we support you every step of the way with resources, guidelines and personalized customer care.

Change the World in Five Easy Steps

1) Decide how you want to host.

Do some quick pre-planning so you’ll be all set to register.

Where will you host? You can host in-person events, an Online Marketplace or a combination of both. Explore these options.

How many people will you reach? If you are hosting an in-person event or multiple in-person events, think about how many people you’d like to invite, and where you’d like to set up. The number of people you expect to reach determines the box you choose and the fundraising goals you set.

2) Register your BeadforLife Marketplace.

What you’ll do: In this step, you’ll let us know where you want to host (in-person, online or both) and how big a box you’ll need. Once you hit “Submit,” your registration is complete!

What we’ll do: If you’re hosting an in-person event, we’ll send you your inventory in the week prior to your first event. Included in those materials are also videos, music and colorful printed materials to help you share our story with your guests. If you’re hosting a BeadforLife Online Marketplace, you won’t receive any inventory. Guests will be able to shop directly online through an individualized link. Your BeadforLife Marketplace will be open for six weeks—all proceeds in that time period count towards your fundraising goal!

3) Set up your BeadforLife Marketplace web page.

This is your online headquarters—from here you can invite guests, manage your events and track your progress towards your fundraising goals.

4) Share, share, share!

Invite guests through our online invitation system. Share your BeadforLife Marketplace on social media. Engage your community. Remember: The more people who shop your BeadforLife Marketplace, the bigger an impact you’ll have!

5) Host your BeadforLife Marketplace!

Whether you’re hosting online only, in person, or both, you’ll have six weeks to make sales, share our story and work towards your fundraising goals.

Once you’re done, we’ll tally your totals and let you know how much of an impact you’ve made!