Our commitment extends far beyond the use of recycled paper for bead making and permeates all of BeadforLife’s work with a focus on sustainability, education and trash diversion.

Environmental achievements


  • Contract sea transport for inventory to reduce carbon footprint
  • Use eco-friendly sealant locally produced in Uganda
  • Locally source recycled paper for bead making
  • Harvest naturally occurring shea nut crops
  • Chemical free extraction of the shea nut pressing process

United States

  • Practice high level recycling and composting programs resulting in 67% diversion of trash
  • Obtained PACE and Zero Waste Certification
  • Use compostable and recyclable shipping materials  
  • Purchased energy smart technologies such as faucet aerators for water use reduction and lighting retro fit to decrease energy use by 325% 
  • Purchase sustainable office supplies through local green supplier


  • Use recycled and/or PEFC certified paper, envelopes and shipping materials
  • Partner with local and green printing companies
  • Use recycled boxes used for storage and shipping whenever possible

Shea Tree Planting
We are educating shea nut gatherers to invest in their future by promoting active shea tree planting. The wood from the shea tree makes high quality charcoal, which can lead to a significant one time income if cut and sold. However, if they care for their shea trees and plant the nuts as seeds, their income may be smaller, but the nuts will sustain them for generations to come.

We use biodegradable labels and bags in our Bead Parties, and shrink-wrap for our soap.