We measure the success of our programs worldwide by the impact they make in the lives of everyday citizens. We measure such outcomes as Bead Parties held, students reached, and increased wholesale markets. Last year, volunteers hosted 1,487 bead parties this year, with over 130,000 attendees.

Bead Parties and Community Events

Part of our goal is to educate and engage people worldwide about extreme poverty, and Bead Parties and community events are great ways to do this. Event hosts and attendees have the opportunity to learn what it means to live on a dollar a day, and how they can take action to fight extreme poverty.

  • Over 12,000 people have hosted parties and events in their homes, churches, schools, office places and communities. Bead Parties have reached over half a million people around the world!
  • Bead Party hosts report that their knowledge of extreme poverty increased significantly; only about a third report having a "strong knowledge" of it before hosting their event, whereas 67% do afterwards.
Spotlight Bead Parties

In the past year, we have developed materials that allow Bead Party hosts to focus on one specific area of extreme poverty to learn more about Women’s Empowerment or Rural Poverty.

Curriculum and Youth Engagement

Our hands-on curriculum lessons are designed for middle and high school students, as well as youth groups associated with scouting, faith-based organizations, and many others. Over 3,000 teachers have taught our curriculum, reaching over 175,000 students since its beginning. Teachers report that the curriculum has had a significant impact on their students' understanding of extreme poverty:

“This was an eye-opening experience for most of my students. Even children who are on the free lunch program or food stamps were certainly surprised. When the students realized that people made less in one year than they paid for their shoes, there was a great silence in the classroom.”

Curriculum on extreme poverty Since its creation, our curriculum has reached over 175,000 students.

Home parties to fight povertyBead Parties have reached over half a million people around the world!

Volunteering for extreme povertyLast year, we received over 3,950 hours of volunteer service from individuals and groups in our Boulder office.