Members of BeadforLife programs often suffer from poor health. Many are HIV+ or have TB (or both), and the incidence of malaria is high. Sadly, many members have lost children and other family members to AIDS, TB and other health issues simply because they live in poverty and lack access to treatment. Addressing the health needs of the women and their families is a critical part of enabling them to succeed in starting their own businesses. BeadforLife provides the following health interventions:

Health Education

Every month in our Kampala office, BeadforLife hosts a health education clinic on a different topic. Each clinic has an educational component, as well as a hands-on training or testing. Topics include sanitation and hand washing, HIV testing for members and children, prevention of diarrhea, malaria, as well as reproductive health. 

Health Product Swaps

We make health products available to our members through ‘swaps’ in which women trade beads or shea nuts for part or all of the cost of the product. Swaps include: 

  • Mosquito nets 
  • Deworming tablets
  • Nutritional supplements for children
  • Gumboots
  • Reading glasses 

Extreme Medical Care

BeadforLife funds a bed at the Compassion Ward of International Hospital Kampala, which provides a place for both BeadforLife members and other impoverished Ugandans to receive free care for complicated medical issues. 


Poverty = Poor Health

Poverty can force people to live with poor sanitary conditions, unsafe drinking water and reside in highly populated areas. Malnutrition and lack of access to preventative health care make impoverished people, especially children, much more prone to sickness and often death.