A Bead Party is BeadforLife’s most significant and effective fundraising activity. Every year, thousands of volunteers all over the world sell BeadforLife bead jewelry and shea butter products. The funds raised are invested in programs that empower impoverished Ugandan women to rebuild the future for themselves and their families.

A Bead Party box contains much more than beautiful handcrafted jewelry and soothing shea butter products. It holds potential!

The difference one Bead Party can make

One standard size Bead Party (about $2,800 value) represents any one of these opportunities in Uganda.

  • One year of boarding school for three bright rural girls with no prior access to secondary education.
  • One full year of entrepreneurial training for six women.
  • Grants from BeadforLife for 14 successful entrepreneurial program graduates to help them expand their sustainable businesses.
  • Two weeks' earnings for 60 women from the sale of jewelry to BeadforLife, representing a seven-to-tenfold income increase from when they started the program. This money provides food for their families, fees for their children's schooling, and access to health care.


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What our hosts say:

"I learned that a SMALL contribution to the fight to end poverty can bring such BIG joy to me." - Diane (Texas)

"I am proud to do this annual party.  People ask me why I do it if I’m not making a profit and my answer is 'I profit in pride!'” - Tamara (New York)

"Each time I share the stories behind the jewelry, I know that I am making a difference. That feels great." - Susan (Louisiana)

"I learned about the strength of women working together toward a goal – whether it is the women of Uganda making the items or the women attending my parties." - Cheryl (Wisconsin)