Connie Regan-Blake, Community Partner and Professional Storyteller, shares stories of our members and sells their hand-made jewelry at local community events.

Volunteerism is the drumbeat of BeadforLife. As a non-profit organization, we depend on the helping hands of volunteers. With a spirit of generosity, they contribute their time and talents throughout all departments in our Boulder office, as Community Partners and Bead Party hosts throughout the world, and as interns in our offices in Uganda. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

When asked what inspires her about being a Community Partner in her community of Boca Grande, FL, Boots Tolsdorf passionately explained:

"I love having the opportunity to explain to women and children and yes, men too, the definition of extreme poverty and how the vision of BeadforLife continues to help Ugandan women who possess so much courage, commitment and love. They share their strength of character with their fellow 'sisters' and their own children, as well as with orphans, which completely overwhelms me; they are my inspiration. I also get an opportunity to connect with intelligent, hard-working, compassionate, funny delightful Community Partners from all around the U.S., not to mention working with the most caring staff in Boulder, CO. I can't lose here! I have everything to gain!"


“Volunteering with BeadforLife has taught me a great deal about the world we live in and the positive change we can enact to make it better for all of us.”
-Erika Nyhus, BeadforLife Volunteer

Volunteer Joanne Jacoby pulls necklaces for a customer order.