Our Youth Education Department was created to support BeadforLife's mission to raise awareness and educate others about extreme poverty. From the time we were founded, many teachers and students hosted Bead Parties in their schools and began requesting experiential lessons and materials geared towards youth. In response to this growing need, we developed the BeadforLife Curriculum for Youth, Understanding Global Poverty: How Youth Can Make a Difference!

We continue to be inspired by the stories of teachers, youth leaders and students who have been impacted through their experiences with BeadforLife. Our ultimate goal is for the next generation of youth to become informed global citizens who feel empowered to alleviate poverty wherever they encounter it, whether in their local communities or in remote villages across the world.

"The lessons did an excellent job of putting students in the beader's situation. We've been talking about economic development for months, but this really brought it home for my students."  - Suzanne, high school Social Studies teacher



"The overall BeadforLife experience was an enjoyable one, I learned so much and it felt great to not only say, 'I want to make a difference in the world; I want to help', but to actually do something." -Nori, student