We aim to engage Europeans in the fight against extreme poverty through education and exchange. Volunteer opportunities include representing us as a regional or country representative, attending community events on behalf of our organization, or helping to develop wholesale partnerships.

Community Event Volunteers  If you enjoy telling our story and encouraging others to get involved in poverty eradication, becoming a Community Event volunteer may be for you! You'll sell our jewelry, answer questions, and spread the word about who we are by attending fair trade and international solidarity events across Europe. 
Host a Bead Party If you'd like to raise awareness about extreme poverty and sell our hand-made jewelry at the same time, consider hosting a Bead Party at your home, office, community or shop.  
Become a Community Partner If you’ve already hosted one or more successful Bead Parties, becoming a Community Partner may be for you! Community Partners are a mobile force of educated and inspired volunteers located throughout North America and Europe. Their purpose is to expand our Bead Circle and to promote us by attending community events, giving presentations about extreme poverty, gaining local media attention, hosting or encouraging others to host Bead Parties, and raising at least 3000 Euros each year. 
Become a Wholesale Partner Are you a store or boutique owner interested in partnering with us? Become a BeadforLife Wholesale Partner and carry our products in your shop. 







Jennifer Rowell-Gastard, European Program Manager