There’s no “right” way to hold a Bead Party event. We encourage you to be creative! Here are some simple yet effective ways to make the most of your Bead Party event.

1. Set a goal. Our most successful Bead Party hosts tell us that when they set a target for the amount they would like to sell, they often reach or surpass their goal. Aim high, engage your guests, and see how much fun it is to reach your objective.

2. Accept credit cards. Have your computer ready for your guests to pay with their credit cards. Hosts who accept credit cards at their BeadParties sell up to 40% more.

3. Tell our story.  Behind every bead is the compelling story of the woman who rolled it. Although the jewelry is beautiful and can easily sell itself, the BeadforLife story helps your guests understand why their participation is so important.  Play the BeadforLife DVD, or read aloud the biographies of women in our program.  Even if you can’t show the DVD at your event, please be sure to watch it yourself so you can be ready to inspire others.

4. Wear the jewelry—and lots of it! When your guests see how great BeadforLife jewelry looks on you, they will be inspired to buy some for themselves and for gifts.

5. Display jewelry sets. Display a necklace with complimentary earrings and bracelets, or tie bundles of bangles together and sell them as a collection.  Adorn your guests in jewelry sets that enhance the clothing they are wearing, and hand them the mirror!

6. Share your Bead Party with a new audience. Work, school, church groups, book clubs, social gatherings, and community events are all perfect locations.

7. Ask for donations. Give your guests the option to add a dollar with their purchase, or round up the sale to the nearest $10.  Ask your own employer or a local business if they are willing to make a matching donation up to a certain dollar amount.

8. Make your Bead Party public. Advertise in your local community and on social media websites.

9. Keep your box longer. We’re happy to extend your Bead Party return date, so you can take your Bead Party as many places as possible.

10. Spread the love! Sort remaining jewelry from your Bead Party into baskets, and ask friends to sell them at their work, church, or family events.

Share Your Bead Party Tips
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Tip of the month

Hold a raffle! Purchase an item that your friends would enjoy. Provide one entry ticket for every $10 a guest spends, and hold a drawing near the end of your Bead Party.


Share our story

The DVD in your information packet is a compelling way to educate your guests about BeadforLife.