There's something for everyone in our Bead Party boxes. Each pack includes a wide selection of products priced from $4 to $28. Read below to find the pack that's perfect for you!  

** NOTE: No box includes every BeadforLife item. If you know you need more of a specific item, please let us know when you register your Bead Party. Simply include your request in the comments field on the Registration Form when you sign up.

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Bead Party Packs:

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Standard Pack 

Our most popular Bead Party, featuring our best-selling Sanyu (meaning “JOY”) line of jewelry, as well as the perfect assortment of our most popular products and a wonderful selection of newer items, too.

Party-To-Go Pack 

Perfect for the busy person on the go. No time or space to plan a party? Our Party-to-Go is just for you. Our smallest sized party is conviently packed in a tote bag, so you can carry it with you wherever you go and make a difference on the run.

NOTE:  Because Parties-to-Go are pre-packaged, we cannot accomodate requests for additional or different inventory. If you'd like a wider selection of our products, please choose a different Bead Party type. 

Youth Spirit Pack

With all items under $20, and your choice of two bangle bracelet colors to add to your party pack, the Youth Spirit Party is perfect for schools, PTO’s, athletic teams, youth groups, Girl Scouts, service learning groups and more! 

XL Marketplace Pack 

Having a big event in your community? Then this is the pack for you. The XL Marketplace Pack is perfect for fairs and large community events, and will allow you to make an extra-large difference! 

Here's what each box contains:

STANDARD PACK (230 items for home parties and small events with 150 people or less / $2,705 value)

Long Necklaces

Short Necklaces

Bracelets Girls Education Bangle Earrings

Jewelry Bags

 Akora Bags   Lip Balm Shea Soap
Sanyu Sanyu Sanyu Bangles Sanyu Kisa fabric bags
Etana double-long  Leena
Musana Bangles   Leena        
Tendo Asali Chunky Leena
Musana Musana Imara Cuffs            
    Mirembe Wraps            
    Zola Band            

PARTY-TO-GO (160 items in a BeadforLife tote bag / $1,871 value)

Short Necklaces Bracelets Girls Education Bangle Earrings  Lip Balm
Musana Sanyu Bangles Sanyu
Asali Chunky Musana Bangles   Leena  
Madala Zola Bands   Musana  
Musana Leena 3-Strands      
  Imara Cuffs       
  Mirembe Wraps      

YOUTH SPIRIT PACK (273 items / $2,604 value)

Short Necklaces Bracelets Girls Education Bangle Earrings Jewelry Bags Akora Bags Lip Balm

Sanyu Bangles

Sanyu Kisa Fabric Bags
Musana Musana Bangles   Musana      
Nuru Pendant Mirembe Wraps          
Asali Chunky Imara Cuffs          
  Leena 3-Strands          
  Zola Band          

XL MARKETPLACE PACK (450 items for large events with 300 people or more / $5,072 value)

Long Necklaces Short Necklaces Bracelets Girls Education Bangle Earrings Jewelry Bags Akora Bags Lip Balm Shea Soap
Sanyu Sanyu Sanyu Bangles Sanyu  Kisa fabric bags
Musana Musana Musana Bangles   Musana        
Etana  Leena 3-Strand Leena 3-Strand   Leena        
Tendo Asali Chunky Zola Bands            
    Imara Cuffs            
    Mirembe Wraps            
    Tendo Sets            


Buy One, Give One Specials in Summer Bead Parties!

This summer, we’re offering Buy One, Give One specials in all summer Bead Parties! When your guests buy Musana Earrings, Musana Short Necklaces, Musana Long Necklaces or a Kisa Bag, they’ll get another one FREE to give to a friend. It’s a great way to share the sunshine this summer—and a great way to share the incredible story behind our beads. Register now!