Pittsburgh, PA

As they discovered a picture of three lovely intriguing bracelets in a catalog, they never imagined they would change so many lives. This mother/daughter duo from Pittsburgh felt so fascinated, they went to the BeadforLife website, watched videos and read stories about mothers in Uganda. Wanting to get more involved, Mallory Sabel found a way through her senior project to make an impact. When she learned that 1.4 billion people live on $1.25 a day through BeadforLife's interactive curriculum, she knew she could make a difference. Mallory pledged to sell $1,000 worth of paper bead jewelry created by women in Uganda who were working hard to lift their families out of poverty. She told everyone about the women, how they were getting skills and training to open businesses, and how the beads were a symbol of hope and hard work. Mallory knew she was inspired, but had no idea how it would touch the hearts and imaginations of others. By the end of the year, she surpassed her goal by raising $8,000; helping dozens of women in Uganda realize their dreams. Since graduating, she has teamed up with her mother LeeAnn to continue, and together they have just surpassed $11,000.

Although she’s been telling the story of incredible Ugandan entrepreneurs for two years, Mallory never thought she would actually meet them. When she learned that Teddy Namuyiga and Joan Ahimbisibwe would visit her hometown of Pittsburgh on The Opportunity Tour, she said it was a dream come true and met them in Pittsburgh to continue her special connection.

Mallory and LeeAnn have risen to the occasion by empowering women to change their lives. This mom and daughter combination are an inspiration, not only here, but to the women in Uganda who were able to meet them.


"We say it is so much more than a piece of jewelry- it is art, love and it is a symbol that anything is possible. It is women empowering women." – Mallory and LeeAnn Sabel