Boulder, CO, USA

Meet Natalie and Charlotte Shifrin, a mother and daughter who volunteer in our Boulder, CO office. 

“I love the beads and their stories, and would shop at your little store in North Boulder to buy gifts. My daughter Natalie first heard about BeadforLife at her middle school. She didn't know much about your organization then, but she had seen your jewelry and bought some pieces. As my three children were growing and my time was opening up a bit, I began to look for more hands-on volunteer opportunities; I was also interested in learning more about what it takes to run a non-profit. Beadforlife seemed like a perfect fit for me. Natalie loves to volunteer at BeadforLife. She feels directly involved and gets to touch the jewelry made by Ugandan women, which adds another cultural aspect to her volunteer experience and she loves this! BeadforLife makes her feel like she is a huge part of the whole process."

"As a mother, I like the weekly volunteer schedule and getting to know your wonderful staff and other volunteers we work with on a regular basis. Natalie loves learning about other cultures and how others choose to live their lives. She volunteers because she honestly just likes to give back to her community and to other communities around the world. She believes it is a great way to connect with people even if you've never met them and they live thousands of miles away.

"As a volunteer myself, touching, sorting and organizing the bracelets and necklaces bring me a feeling of connection with the women in Uganda. I can't tell you how much I love that! I am inspired by your staff and their dedication. They work so hard every day, and seem to keep the larger perspective of what they are doing in mind. They also make sure that we directly hear the stories of the Ugandan women; we were even personally thanked by them via video, which is amazing to me and never fails to make me cry.”