We believe that in order to end poverty, we must empower women to transform their lives.

We do this through business training and mentoring, and we're good at it.

We have found that for women to successfully move out of poverty, what they need is confidence and business skills. Our model allows them to leave poverty behind...for good.

Why Women and Entrepreneurship?

  • It allows women to solve their own problems.
  • It creates dignity, ownership and self-sufficiency.
  • It can be scaled globally.
  • It creates lasting opportunities for women to lift their families out of poverty.

Increasing women's income:

  • Reduces poverty
  • Spurs investment in children
  • Creates greater self-esteem
  • Increases bargaining power
  • Reduces domestic violence

BeadforLife has a dozen years of experience helping women living in poverty become self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Our Street Business School is a 6-month, mobile classroom in which women receive entrepreneurial training and mentoring to help them create a successful business. It focuses on helping women build their confidence and belief in themselves, while giving them the skills and knowledge to start businesses that will sustain their families. This is a cost-effective and scalable opportunity for women living in poverty to become successful business owners.

BeadforLife jewelry and other products are also produced by empowered business women! To create our beautiful products, BeadforLife works with women who have graduated from our business training program, and who are outstanding artisans. We also occasionally partner with organized groups of women who know how to make beads, but have struggled to sell them. For these groups, BeadforLife provides both a market for their products, and an offer to their members to attend Street Business School.  

The purchase of our products not only provides increased income for the artisan to meet their immediate needs, it also allows us to offer our business training to other women. And, of course, our products make beautiful gifts with meaning - for you or a friend. 

We’re taking this proven poverty eradication program to the world! We will partner with organizations around the globe to share the Street Business School, so that we can ignite the lives of one million women! Learn more.




Every purchase you make supports our programs so that we can continue to provide life-changing training for women living in poverty.

We accept donations that help support our programs and the women we serve.