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Our Girls Education Progam aims to educate and empower the next generation of Ugandan Entrepreneurs. We know that each additional year of school boosts a girl's future earnings by 15-25%. We also know that boarding school is the best option for girls. It keeps them safe by eliminating long distance commuting, frees them from household duties so they can focus on their studies, and provides electricity so they can study at night.

Our boarding school program pays school fees for girls living in Otuke and Iganga, the rural areas in which we work. All girls in our program are those who finish primary school at the top of their classes, and whose families cannot afford to send them to secondary school. Without our sponsorship, most of them would continue working on their family farms and would be quickly married off.

While many of our students have sponsors, there are several bright young stars who are still looking for a sponsor. Contact to learn more about sponsoring a BeadforLife scholar.  

You can support our Girls Education Program when you: 

Donate $25 for School Supplies

Donate $25 for School Supplies and help the girls in our Girls Education Program get supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks and sanitary napkins. 

Want to give more?

  • $1115 covers ALL fees for one girl to attend boarding school for one year: tuition, room & board, scholastic supplies and one empowerment camp.
  • $600 pays one year of tuition for one girl.
  • $300 provides room & board for one year including: a mattress, bedding, a broom, rolls of toilet paper and a one year supply of sanitary pads.
  • $75 buys textbooks and supplies for one girl over one school year.

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Meet Sandra

Sandra is a vibrant young girl with a beautiful smile and a brilliant mind. Three years ago, she was one of the very brightest girls in Uganda, with the highest possible scores on her Primary School leaving exams. 

Unforunately, like many BeadforLife scholarship students, Sandra’s life has been touched by tragedy. She lost both of her parents at a young age. Sandra was fortunate enough that her uncle took her in and was able to care for her. However, Sandra’s uncle was not able to afford her education.

BeadforLife met Sandra in 2013 and brought her in for an interview to the very selective St. Mary’s  Aboke Girls School, near Lira, in Northern Uganda.  Sandra was accepted into the school and through our sponsorship program, she is now a star student.

According to Sandra, “It feels great to be at school, because when I am at school, I don’t have an idle mind.  All the time, my mind has to be working.”

Sandra is an especially strong math and science student and is interested in either accounting or the medical field.  Either track would set her up for a sustainable future, and as a role model for other girls.