Mirembe Wrap Bracelet

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Decorate your arm with the bright colors of the Mirembe Wrap Bracelet.  This unique coil wraps around your arm comfortably to create a visual impact that is sure to be noticed.  As you wrap one on, you’ll be inspired knowing that you are empowering women to lift their families out of poverty. 

  • • Colorful handmade paper beads strung with solid color seed beads
  • • Constructed with strong and flexible wire
  • • Finished with a signature BeadforLife tag

Mirembe, meaning “peace” in Luganda, represents our hope for peace in the lives of the people we touch.

Each Mirembe bracelet has an assortment of paper beads, the color options above indicate the color of the seed beads. Our products are handmade from recycled paper; because of this each one is as unique as the woman who made it. You can always ask for something specific in the "Special Requests" field above.

More Information

Joy - BeadforLife BeaderJoy is a sweet 39-year old woman busy supporting nine children. She was always challenged because of her husband drinking too much at the bar. BeadforLife stepped in to work together with Joy and her family, and her husband joined “empowerment sessions” organized by BeadforLife. Her husband reduced his time spent at the bar and instead concentrated on helping his wife. Today Joy and her children finally have peace at home. It’s therefore fitting that Joy is earning income by creating the new Mirembe (peace) Wrap Bracelet. From the income she earns rolling beads and creating jewelry, Joy has leased an acre of land to cultivate rice together with her husband. She is also now a proud owner of three cows. Joy plans to rent even more land to cultivate and build business so she can save and invest in her own land. Join us as we watch Joy’s continued peace and success along the way!