Devin Hibbard, Co-Founder and CEO

Devin Hibbard - Poverty Eradication

When Devin Hibbard stumbled across a Ugandan woman rolling recycled paper into beads on the side of the road, she had no idea her life would change along with thousands of women’s lives around the world. Today she works tirelessly to help empower impoverished Ugandan women to change their own lives by creating opportunities for them to lift their families from poverty. “The biggest factor in empowering women is their own belief in themselves,” Hibbard says. With that in mind, Hibbard’s work has formed a bridge of connection between people living on a dollar a day and concerned world citizens. BeadforLife believes the best solution to overcoming poverty is to create entrepreneurial training for women to sustain their families into the future.

With extensive experience in international development and poverty issues, Hibbard has lived and worked in India, Kenya, and Uganda. Empowering women in developing countries is only the beginning, as Hibbard is also a strong believer in engaging Americans on global issues and poverty. She wishes to make poverty a concrete problem with solutions that everyone can participate in, not an abstract issue without answers. 

Hibbard holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Evans School of Public Administration at the University of Washington, specializing in international development and non-profit management. She is a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow, and the author of Global Issues & Sustainable Solutions, a guide to international issues. She is also an American Marshall Memorial Fellow, promoting strong ties between Europe and the US. Hibbard has spoken at hundreds of events as well as participated in several national media interviews. 

“The solution to poverty eradication is about uplifting the human spirit, not degrading it. Giving a handout takes away someone’s inherent belief in themself.”


  • “Opportunity Knockers: How Creating Opportunities Changes the Face of Non-Profit Aid”
  • “The Reluctant Capitalist: Philanthropy Through Guidance”
  • “The Force Within: How Self Empowerment Beats Poverty”
  • “Out of the Box”: How to Talk About Poverty as People, Not Just Policy”
  • “Steering the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: How Positive Energy and Teaching Leads Women Out of Poverty” 



  • AGOA Forum Meeting – Kampala, Uganda
  • Women in Coffee - Keynote Address
  • Uganda Peace Corps Annual Conference
  • Peace Corp Volunteer Training – Two Time Presenter
  • Vital Voices Conference - Kampala
  • Fashion Fights Poverty - Washington DC
  • Rotary Clubs:  Bainbridge Island, WA Breckenridge, CO  Kampala, UG
  • Colorado Business Women National Conference - Denver
  • Social Studies Conference – Three Time Presenter
  • National Science Teachers Conferences
  • National Service Learning Conferences
  • Keynote for Six-City Opportunity Tour
  • Watson University Professor 



Devin Hibbard - Poverty Eradication