Visit BeadforLife in Uganda

We are proud of the work we do in Uganda and love to show it off in person! We've been bringing people from around the world to visit our projects on the ground in Uganda for almost a decade. These life-changing trips let you connect with the amazing members of BeadforLife Street Business School, and provide opportunities for you to visit them at their place of business or in their homes. We walk alongside them in their neighborhoods, visit their local markets, sit with them to hear their stories, and share our own with them.

And of course, no trip to East Africa is complete without going on safari, so you will also have a chance to get close to wildlife at Murchison Falls National Park. Be prepared for a trip that is MUCH more intimate than your average African journey!


"This was a life changing trip for me. The Ugandan people are like none other that I have ever met. Despite extreme poverty they are joyful, generous, contactful and an inspiration to be around. Don’t miss this trip!" Joanne, 2008

"To experience the life-changing work BeadforLife is doing on the ground in Uganda is remarkable! It is both life-changing for the beautiful women and children who have chosen to rise out of poverty, and for those of us who chose to make the journey to meet them. Please consider taking this next step to experience, first hand, the love and passion that bonds women across the ocean." Rini, 2016

We hope you will come see us in Uganda. For more information about upcoming trips, contact Korri Roach at