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We are proud of the work we do in Uganda and love to show it off in person. Through our partner, Conservation Concepts, we have been bringing people from around the world to visit our projects on the ground for almost a decade. These life-changing trips let you connect with the amazing and inspiring members of BeadforLife. And of course, no trip to East Africa is complete without going on safari, so you will have a chance to get close to wildlife at Murchison Falls National Park. Be prepared for a trip that is MUCH more intimate than your average African journey.


This was a life changing trip for me. Mark is a gifted leader with excellent people skills, a fund of knowledge and the rare combination of laid back and responsible. The Ugandan people are like none other that I have ever met. Despite extreme poverty they are joyful, generous, contactful and an inspiration to be around. Don’t miss this trip! Joanne, 2008

The trip far exceeded my expectations. Mark knows how to navigate in Uganda, we were most welcome everywhere we went! 2013

Going to Uganda with Mark was an awesome experience and far exceeded any expectations I had about the trip. Alongside safaris, chimp trekking, and Nile River cruises, we had the opportunity to spend time in an amazing orphanage, to see how a local grassroots non-profit (Bead for Life) functions in the capital city as well as in remote villages to help women rise from poverty, and to sit in a great story teller’s tobacco-drying hut to learn about traditional Ugandan marriages. This trip led us into experiences we would not have had the opportunity to have as solo travelers – it was extremely inspirational, eye-opening, educational, and fun! I am so grateful I had the chance to go and highly recommend it to others! Meghan, 2014

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Each trip is led by Mark Jordahl, husband of BeadforLife co-founder Devin Hibbard. Mark loves to share his deep love and knowledge of Uganda that comes from years of living and exploring there. Mark did his Masters research in Murchison Falls National Park, has been intimately involved with African Wildlife Foundation’s Tourism for Biodiversity project in the country, and has recently written guidebooks for three of Uganda’s national parks. In addition, he has been involved with BeadforLife from the beginning and is able to share the stories and the philosophies that have guided its evolution. We are lucky to have a guide who not only knows the country so well, but also knows how to help foreign visitors process and interpret the experience.