Our Partners
Great Barrington, MA

World Wide Market Square was established in 2003 and focuses on supporting Fair Trade artisans from third world countries. Located in Great Barrington, MA, World Wide Market Square is one of BeadforLife’s longest partners. Since 2006, they have supported BeadforLife through the sale of items but just as importantly, by sharing the story behind the BeadforLife beads. World Wide Market Square is one of 75 Wholesale Partners located in North America. BeadforLife is grateful for brick and mortar stores that are mission drive and fair trade focuses who are eager to spread the word about BeadforLife.

Worldwide Market Square, located in Great Barrington, MA, is a fair trade store whose focus is to provide high quality, creatively designed, handmade merchandise. They are one of BeadforLife’s longest retail partners. Since 2006, they have supported our organization not only through the sale of our bead jewelry, but just as importantly, by sharing the stories behind BeadforLife beads. When asked to speak about why he chose to support BeadforLife in his store, owner Sammy Lefenfeld

“Worldwide Market Square has been selling BeadforLife jewelry for the past six years and it is consistently one of the best selling items in our store. The product alone, without the story, is amazing.  The beautiful styles and colors are easily mixed and matched with each other, or different jewelry, and has become a collector’s item with many of our customers. Every person who purchases a Beadforlife product is told the story.  If it is given as a gift, we include the BeadforLife product card so the recipient can learn about the story and connect with Beadforlife.  The story is what makes the purchase all the more special and meaningful.  It really resonates with our customers.  We are very proud of our connection to BeadforLife and I can’t imagine our store without it.”

A big thanks to Sammy, his staff and customers for continuing to support our work!