From Beads to Business

While our retail sales have closed and we are no longer offering beautiful beads, the magic of our work lives on through our sister organization Street Business School. 

Street Business School is a world-class entrepreneurial training program that builds women’s confidence and provides business skills, so they can launch micro-businesses and lift their families from deep poverty.

We invite you to join our global movement and follow our story. Street Business School will ignite 1 million women out of poverty by 2027!


COVID-19 has caused a global collapse of retail sales, including our handmade items, now and into the foreseeable future. The pandemic also prevents gatherings and events, which provided BeadforLife opportunities to sell products and tell the stories of women overcoming poverty. Under these dire circumstances, we have reluctantly concluded that it is no longer possible to continue our retail business model.

For questions about orders placed or received previously, please email

Our mission to eradicate poverty will continue through our sister organization, Street Business School, who is already working in 21 countries globally and is on track to help 1 million women out of poverty by 2027. We invite you to support this ongoing mission.

Unfortunately, since our retail operations have closed, you can no longer purchase beads. However, you can find beads through Mahendi Projects and support the work and mission of Street Business School.