A Dad’s Pride – Juliet’s husband celebrates her SBS journey

Juliet Gokyalya, a 32-year old wife and mother, joined Street Business School (SBS) through Kabbubu Development Project, one of SBS’s partners implementing entrepreneurial training to their community.

Juliet ran her salon for three years, lacking passion and the belief that she could actually do it. After enrolling in SBS, she immediately gained confidence and the knowledge around how to run her business smoothly, something she had been yearning for. Within the first two sessions, she had an increasingly positive attitude. “I realized that my business was a source of income for my family and that street Business School’s program and coaching was what I needed to grow it.”

Before joining, Juliet earned$135/month from her salon business, an amount she could only estimate she had no records. By the end of the training, she launched her second “nigina sandal” business out of the salon, and now earns $77 more from sandals and $27 more from keeping good records for her salon. The coaches from Kabbubu advised Juliet to display her “nigina sandals” outside her salon vs. inside to attract customers, and they are now a great income generating source, and essentially a new business.

Juliet is grateful to her husband who has been supportive and believed in her from the start, even without capital and when she didn’t believe in her own self. “In my community like many other communities in Rural Uganda, most men do not want their wives to become economically empowered,” says Juliet.

Her husband feels differently…Mr. Mugerwa, says…“I have seen a very big difference in Juliet and the business…she learned bookkeeping from Street Business School, which has helped track our earnings and make better financial decisions for our business. I started this business for my wife, and I am happy and proud that she has proved she can run it. Today, Juliet provides for our family, which was not the case before. Women need to be recognized and celebrated because of their hard work.”

Coach Juliet’s dream is for she and her family to save to own a house, so they are able to cut on rental costs. She’s definitely on the pathway to this dream becoming a reality!

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