A Million Little Ways to Fight Big Poverty

By Amy Yanda-Lee

What does 1 million mean to you? To me, It feels big, it feels grand and it’s always been one of those larger than life numbers. Yet, as of October 2018 632,588,745 people in our world live in extreme poverty. What already feels immense to us, multiplied so many times, can feel overwhelming. Yet, we are encouraged by the fact that extreme poverty rates have declined dramatically over the past 25 years. Nearly 1.1 billion people have moved out of extreme poverty since 1990!

In North America, less than 3% of the population lives in extreme poverty, and while the majority cannot begin to paint the picture in their minds about what this looks and feels like, we can try. Part of BeadforLife’s mission is to educate others around the needs and conditions of people living in deep poverty. What is it really like for Racheal, who is delighted because she can feed her family twice a day? This is not three meals we are accustomed to, but twice a day for a family of six, typically with a carbohydrate to try to sustain them

Today we invite you to connect in a whole way with our Million4Million initiative. Why? Because Juliet is one in a million, Nancy is one in a million, Janat is one in a million…and so are you.

Our new initiative Million4Million fills our hearts with hope and excitement. Every story counts and every bead counts. Million4Million means that by selling 1 million BeadforLife items by 2027, we can contribute to 1 million women gaining entrepreneurial training through sister organization Street Business School. It means that we can significantly affect 1 million lives and help people create a brighter future for their families.

We are sisters that can empower women and it all began with a 1:1 connection. We meet women where they’re at. We buy beads, we advocate for these women, we hold their hands and we love them.

We can’t reach 1 million without one, so please join us!


  • Polly Fortune-Garceau

    I am so happy for all these dear ladies and their families!! You knew you could do it and you did!! You have the right to be so proud and thankful to the Lord for helping you with all this. I plan on ordering some bracelets soon. Polly

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