A special letter to you from a star Beadmaker

Dear Friends and supporters of BeadforLife,

Allow me to call you my sisters because you have stood with me to make me what I am today. If it were not for your support through BeadforLife, I wouldn’t be here today and my children would not be in school. Before I share my journey, let me first of all thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Webale nyo nyo nyo!

My name is Faridah Nasejje, and my BeadforLife journey began 9 years ago. I vividly remember when Coach Irene, a BeadforLife staff, found me and asked me to join. It was one of the most difficult and darkest times of my life and for my family. My husband was out of a job, and we’d been thrown out of our rented house, feeling such indignity.

When I joined BeadforLife, I learned to make beads and later became a trainer, helping other women learn this wonderful skill. At the time, I badly needed a house to call home. I started earning money from beads and embarked on a rigorous saving program to help me save money to buy land. My aim was to own a home without anybody knocking at my door for rent. Without buying even a pound of meat, I quickly saved up money and bought my plot of land. The next money I got from BeadforLife, I set up a business of selling metallic scrap. This business gave me money to take back my children to school, and I’m proud to share with you that today my son is studying at Makerere University to become a doctor!

I recently returned to sell beads with BeadforLife, and this has boosted my business. I sell all sorts of items…from cooking pots, charcoal stoves, mats, clay pots and sea shells. My capital is close to $1,000!

I bought some land single handedly and I am going to build my house single handedly without any contribution from my husband. This is going to be my house and I am so proud! I could not be where I am without the help of BeadforLife. Each penny I get from my beads, goes towards saving for my house to be built.

Thank you very much for supporting us women. May God grant you all with your heart’s desire as you have helped me reach my heart’s desire.

With love,

Faridah Nasejje

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