Discovering Passion and Purpose Through Volunteerism

Bead For LifeMy love and passion for BeadforLife began in July of 2010. Seven years ago, I recall the overwhelming emotion as I unboxed my first sample shipment of beautifully colored, handmade Ugandan jewelry in my first floor office at local, family owned fine jeweler in Las Vegas, MJ Christensen Diamonds.

The hot desert sun beamed into my office that summer afternoon striking the recycled colored paper the way light enters the table of a diamond and results in extraordinary dispersion. It would take years before I would understand how this journey would unfold, but for the time being, I knew one thing for certain: We were destined to journey together.

BeadforLife’s mission is to create sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enriches everyone.

“Connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange”.

“Brilliant!“, I thought to myself.

This seven-year journey has been transformational to say the least, and I am passionate about sharing with you a sampling of ways this relationship has created lasting impact on my life, forever changing how I see the world.


B. A breakthrough in finding BALANCE in life.

Serving as a voice for people living in our world surviving on less than $1.90 a day will be sure to change your perspective.

E. The gift of EXPLORATION.

Find hidden talents as you learn to advocate for the eradication of poverty, speak to community groups, and share the story by creating marketplaces for their amazing works of art.

A. Go on an ADVENTURE of a lifetime.

Every step of the way is an absolute adventure! You will have a unique journey and make it a one-of-kind trip to share with the world!

D. DISCOVER yourself, the women in the programs, and your true potential in life.

F. It’s FUN and FULFILLING to volunteer and join hands with like-minded women around the world!

O. Receive and give the gift of OPPORTUNITY.

Not only will you be providing hope and inspiration to women across the globe living on less than $1.90 a day, you will receive the opportunity to grow in unimaginable ways if you open up to the full experience it has to teach.

R, The RECOGNITION that we are all connected as global citizens.

L. Surround yourself in LOVE.

This is an organization oozing with love. From the moment I first met co-founder Torkin Wakefield, to the time I spent with her daughter, Devin on the ground in Uganda last summer, it was apparent: LOVE fills every space of the work they do. Love for serving others, love and honest appreciation for the volunteers and Ugandan staff, love for the bold mission that drives their work everyday. Love is rolled into each and every bead, and love is rolled into the hearts and minds of the women who are served by the numerous life-changing programs.

I. Realize the IMPACT your contribution makes.

F. Practice your FAITH, and FACE your FEARS.

Traveling to Uganda to volunteer as a communications correspondent last summer was the result of ground breaking, fear-busting intention! I learned that stepping out in faith and staring fear in the eyes, I would shatter it’s grip. It took 6 years to make that step.

E. EMBRACE your inner truth.

Becoming a Community Partner volunteer and serving for seven years has allowed me to embrace my inner truths, and encouraged me to follow my passions and true calling in life.

For personal stories from my journey to Uganda, please follow my blog!

Jennifer Miller

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