From Beads to Business to a New School, Teddy’s Attitude of Gratitude

“I am grateful for the different skills I acquired from BeadforLife…especially multitasking, which has proven to be valuable in my businesses of bricks, chickens, renting houses and my Precious Moments School.”  

Teddy Namuyiga graduated from BeadforLife in 2012. As 38-year-old single mother of three, Teddy had been devastated when her husband left her due to her daughter having a hearing impairment. Teddy visited the US in 2013 on BeadforLife’s Opportunity Tour. She shared her story with thousands of BeadforLife friends as well as her dream of opening a school. Two years after returning to Uganda, Teddy’s dream became a reality and she started an elementary school in her Nabbingo community. 

Teddy’s Precious Moments Kindergarten serves Nabbingo and surrounding communities and has grown from 15 to 100 students. She employs eight teachers, two female cooks and one security guard. The students pay a school fees amount of 400,000 UGX ($108) per year. Since most of the parents have limited income, a reality Teddy relates to, they face challenges in making payments.   

In Teddy’s true form of transforming challenges into opportunities, she created fundraising and saving initiatives. The school sells school shoes and also grows its own food like maize, potatoes and beans, which has reduced food expenses.  

Thanks to BeadforLife’s training, Teddy now supports her own family while educating children in her community – her true passion. Teddy’s oldest daughter will graduate next year from university;  her second daughter will be joining university this year, and her last born, with special needs is a student at Mengo School of the Deaf where she is learning hairdressing skills. Teddy feels like her dream has finally become a reality. 

 “BeadforLife helped me to believe in determination and hard work. This has greatly helped me to contribute to the change I desire to see in my community. Being featured in a US Magazine means that my hard work is acknowledged, this has inspired me to believe in myself and work harder. I also hope to visit America again.” 

Throughout the next five years, Teddy hopes to increase the number of buildings and classes in her school and open up another campus of Precious Moments Kindergarten. Additionally, she plans to introduce a Street Business School savings education group into her community to help empower women.

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  • Deb

    What an inspiration Teddy is! I loved this success story almost as much as I love the Woman herself. 🙂 You GO, Teddy! <3 You've got a Sister on the other side of the globe that's cheering you on every step of the way.

  • Minella Mono

    Well done Teddy,with God nothing is imposible.The sky is limitless to you,l hope to meet you in person and discuss more on how you got this far,we say Ebenezer this is how far God has taken,l have a vision like yours though a bit different,yes l much want to see women in Zimbabwe working together to try and alleviate poverty.l pray that you come to Zimbabwe to one of our conferences so that tou motivate us
    Keep shining girl like l said the sky is limitless

    God bless You

    Minella Mono

  • Cindy Hawkins Legorreta

    I found a Bead for Life earth toned necklace at a sale. Whenever I wear it, I am asked about it. I think that once you give a person in a poverty situation the tools to improve life – make their ideas and dreams a reality, then the dream grows a seed, springs into being – it ‘takes off and runs..” You check back with these amazing folks in a few months and it’s always remarkable to see what they have accomplished. Better still, if these are single mothers, widows raising young children, their sons and daughters get to witness, first hand, their parent’s (and community’s) self-direction and empowerment. That, by itself is an example, precious beyond words. Blest be all at BFL…and our dear sisters in Africa!!!

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