From Joblessness to Farmer

“I cannot stop beading because beading gave me a foundation. From beading, I was empowered to start thinking ahead. I am grateful for the skills I got from BeadforLife.” -Nanfuka Janat

Janat joined BeadforLife in the summer of 2014 and graduated in January 2016. When she first joined BFL in 2014, she was a full-time housewife with 4 children. Her family depended on the little income her husband left for them. Janat occasionally earned some money from washing people’s clothes. Life was difficult because they could not afford all the necessities they needed as a family.

When Janet joined BeadforLife, she began earning a steady income. Janet was clever and took advantage of all the opportunities that she found at BeadforLife. Right away she opened her very first bank account and started rigorous saving so she could start her own sustainable business. “I wanted a business that would keep giving to me even after I left BeadforLife.”

With money for her savings, Janat rents 7 acres of land on which she grows maize and beans. From her thriving business, she bought a boda-boda and employs a driver. She earns 15,00/-a day from her boda-boda. With her earnings, Janat purchased land where she plans to build her home.

Janat is a proud farmer and with her children now in boarding school, she has more time to build her business. She is determined to buy her own land in the countryside for her farming so she will no longer have to rent. Janat is building a sustainable life for herself, ensuring a consistent income!

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