A Mother’s Success in Balancing Business and Family and Finding Love

Dorah Nabayinda, 28, is a mother of three beautiful children. She ran a stone quarry business before joining BeadforLife, earning a mere profit of 3,000 UGX ($1 US) whenever she invested 30,000 UGX ($9 US) to deliver stones to her customers. Dorah worked tirelessly and felt such despair with little momentum and less support from her husband. She struggled to pay school fees for her children, rent, and to feed her family. 

In 2014, Dorah joined BeadforLife and experienced a turning point. She joined a community of women who were going through similar challenges, and began to feel love and support. Dorah’s spark happened here, and she was inspired to stay positive about her situation and work hard to be more supportive to her husband and family. The money she earns from bead-making and creating Fair Trade jewelry has empowered her to do so much, saving 150,000 UGX ($40) to launch a charcoal business in her neighborhood. She’s identified a unique business opportunity in her community, as there are only two other similar businesses. With hard work and perseverance, Dorah has doubled her income, saving $1 a day in her savings box at home and $3 per week in her women’s saving group, which is money she will earn at the end of the year. Dorah is feeling such life now, as she provides the basic necessities for her family, and her husband is appreciative.  

“BeadforLife has given me love, coaching and skills to find balance that brings a better life. Mothers in Uganda carry so much on our shoulders… we must find balance that supports our strong motherly love for our children,” says Dorah.  

Dorah is grateful to BeadforLife for the confidence she’s gained and for learning the culture of saving that enabled her to launch her charcoal business. She has big dreams and together with her husband, plans to own a house of their own someday. Dorah’s hardworking and strong motherly spark is lighting her way to bigger and better opportunities for her family.  

You can help empower women like Dorah and help them become financially independent by purchasing BeadforLife goods.

  • Emma Robichaux

    So very proud of you and all the women who make all of the beautiful products!!!

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