How Love Builds Business

Love Wins


Her bright eyes radiate love. Love feels good to Margaret Namumbejja, and she believes it should be celebrated every day, not only on February 14.


Her name “Namumbejja” means princess, but she is hardly a princess. She is the 4th of 14 children, and with her large family, always scrambled…from food to a place to sleep. She was moved to live and care for her grandmother who in turn, covered her school fees.


Her grandmother struggled to provide for her, and Margaret’s most painful moment was when she failed to raise money for education and Margaret’s life as a student was over. Things became more difficult, and after struggling too much, Margaret got married to a man and had children, who she struggled to provide for.


Two years later, Margaret joined Street Business School and her life changed immediately. She started a vegetable stall in front of her house which now gives her income, earning $3 daily, something she never dreamed of. She can now feed her children better and they have scholastic materials. When they come home from school she serves them a hot meal, something that was unheard of before she opened her business. Margaret says her key to success has been handling her customers with love and respect.

She is the epitome of loving her neighbor as she loves herself. A warm and friendly woman, she shared her SBS knowledge with a neighbor, who now also runs a successful business, making samosas. They now even share a business stall.


Margaret has a lot of love for Street Business School, sharing that she is grateful SBS helped her discover herself. “As a person, I too now have dreams and plans. After I left school, I never imagined I would have a meaningful life of my own,” she says.


“Let’s rise up as women and discover who we are. We can change our own situations and live better lives by working hard at something that gives to yourself first, and then to your family,” Margaret proclaims.



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