Juliet’s Transformation

Bead For LifeJuliet is all smiles! She’s always been a hard worker and determined to reach her dream of owning a salon.

Today, she is beaming as she is well on her way to living this very dream for she and her two children.

Juliet saved money whenever she could to invest in items for this dream salon. It took her five years to purchase items like towels, hair rollers and a hair dryer.

She always worked so hard, yet earned so little. Starting out as an apprentice in a Kampala salon to learn the art of hairdressing, she only earned payment on days when the salon was busy. On those days, she’d make $.55 – $1.39. She hadn’t been able to complete school as she was born into a family with nine children and her parents couldn’t afford it.

After two years of hardship and a difficult home situation with her husband, first losing his job as a driver and then losing his next job, Juliet was ready to give up. She contemplated selling her coveted hairdressing items, when she heard about Street Business School. “I was tired of being in a bad state and wanted more than anything to change my life,” she said.

After the first days of training, she realized she could do something. “You woke me up! I had hope again.” She immediately looked for a small kiosk to rent and started her salon.

Juliet would not leave a recent SBS training until one of the coaches agreed to go and see her new business! It was her first day operating and she had no doubt she would make money. She meticulously recorded all the expenses to launch the salon, as taught in the bookkeeping session.

Juliet is ready to live her dream and has already told all her friends and customers where to find her!

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