Masitula’s Inner Light

Meet Masitula Namugamba

“I am only moving forward,” Masitula proclaims with a glowing smile.  

Masitula, 37, is a recent Street Business School (SBS) graduate and a mother of six. Before attending Street business School, life was incredibly difficult for Masitula and her family. She was only able to send three of her children to school because of lack of money and work. When Masitula began the comprehensive training program, she was very timid and unsure of what to expect. For Masitula, the confidence piece of Street Business School’s entrepreneurial training was what truly ignited her. She gained what many women do to transform their lives and their businesses. Masitula gained confidence.  

With encouragement from fellow alumni who gave live testimonies at the training, Masitula gained the courage to start not only one business but several. She started by selling avocados door to door around her community. She soon realized that a full vegetable stand would earn her even more money, so she set up the stand just outside of her house. She now supplies vegetables to her entire neighborhood. During the last two months of SBS, Masitula started yet another business of selling cooked yam, sweet potatoes and cassava. She goes to her home village weekly, buys the produce in bulk, cooks it at her home and carries to the market every day.  

During her Street Business School graduation in July, it was evident Masitula had benefited greatly from the training. She was shining with happiness as she recalled, “I cannot believe where my old self went! My children are in school, we eat and we drink, and we are very happy.” Because of her business, Masitula now earns 400,000 UGX (105 USD) per month, which has allowed her to truly support her family. “It gave me so much pride to see my first born graduate from primary to secondary school.” Masitula believes in the impact and benefits that education has on future generations, and is dedicated to making sure her children acquire the education she did not have. 

Through SBS, Masitula has turned on her inner light and is making her dreams come true. She feels grateful to Street Business School for empowering her to pave a pathway towards a better livelihood.

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