Meet Scovia – SBS Coach

Scovia, a 25-year-old mother, learned about Street Business School when her child was only three weeks old, and she was nursing her baby on an empty stomach. She often craved a hot bowl of soup to help with milk production, but could not afford it. She joined the SBS training without a job or source of income.

At Street Business School, one course that worked for Scovia was “finding capital and starting small”…In most cases, people are limited by a lack of money to start a business. But, Coach Scovia did not let that stop her. She started her business with the resources she already had.

After the third SBS course, Coach Scovia began to harvest the rice she had been growing. She had enough for two bags and decided to sell it instead of eating it or giving it away. She borrowed a table from her neighbor and asked her husband to buy her a scale, for which she would repay him later. Using the creativity she developed from her SBS training, Scovia sold the rice out of the single room where she lived with her husband and their newborn. She quickly went from earning $0 to $171 per month.

Coach Scovia has since continued to grow her business. In just six months, she rented a store for her rice business. She decided to sell her rice for higher prices after doing market research and learning the same quality rice was being sold at a higher prices at other shops.  When her supplies ran out, she purchased from other suppliers and restocked. Her rice supply is now equivalent to $685! In addition, Scovia provides extra services, like sorting the rice for her customers and delivering rice to their doorsteps. She says “I can now afford my own basic needs, take care of my child, and even my husband is proud of me now.”

Scovia’s confidence has grown through her SBS training. At the beginning, she was timid and barely would speak up during the training sessions. As a star graduate, Scovia spoke proudly at the graduation ceremony, testifying about how her confidence had grown. It was clear by the way she held her head high with the microphone and addressed over 100 graduates and other guests, including clergymen and politicians. She was articulate and strong, and said, “I used to be very shy but this training removed all the shyness from me and dressed me with boldness that I can now stand before a multitude of people and speak”.

Coach Scovia is proud to be a part of Street Business School as it opened her eyes to the business world. She now feels empowered to achieve her dreams!

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