Milly Still Means Business

“BeadforLife gave me hope, confidence and business knowledge which has helped my peas business to grow. Today, I am able to earn better from my peas business and give my children a decent standard of living.” – Milly Nakaye.

It’s been five years since Milly Nakaye graduated from BeadforLife. When we first met her, she was selling tomatoes and peas along the streets of Kampala, trying hard to support her family. Milly began to fear her future and enrolled in BeadforLife, hoping it would empower her to grow her business and support her six children. We recently reconnected with her and are proud to share this update. 

Today Milly is one of the top pea distributors in Owino market, the biggest trade center in Kampala. She earns 600,000 UGX ($160) monthly from her peas and saves 50,000 UGX ($13), an amount she couldn’t previously afford to save. Milly now grows her own peas on her farm — she’s a middlewoman and a supplier! 

Milly continues to face challenges, like price variations of peas on the Ugandan market, which she continually explains to her customers to avoid mistrust. Also, since she is getting older, she’s hired three employees to help her.   

Additionally, Milly used some profits to buy a piece of land where she’s constructing houses for rent, a project she hopes to finish in 2019. She also bought three cows and sells their milk for additional income. 

Thanks to the training she received, Milly is supporting her family, exploring new career ventures and planning for retirement – things that were unimaginable before we met her. 

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