How your conference can change lives

Moving from extreme poverty to self-sufficiency – it all begins with paper beads. Beaded Lanyards for your conference are part of the solution.

100% Nonprofit. All funds help support entrepreneurial training so women can lift their families out of poverty.

For Your Attendees

Our Bead Lanyards delight attendees as a welcome surprise! They create visual impact and get attendees buzzing. Made from recycled paper, BeadforLife lanyards are visually beautiful and share a globally-minded story of how they’re empowering women to lift their families from poverty. Your attendees have a memorable takeaway to inspire for the future.

For Your Investment

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All funds help support entrepreneurial training for women who need an opportunity to gain confidence and gain business skills to establish sustainable skills to keep their families alive. This means they’re feeding their families and sending their children to school.


Believe in beads so women can believe in themselves!
Believe in beads so women can believe in themselves!


We Empower & Employ Women Artisans

BeadforLife partners with Ugandan women who create beautiful handcrafted jewelry from recycled paper. The process is quite impressive - they roll each bead with their nimble fingers, apply an eco-friendly glaze we’ve patented and hang them to dry in the hot Ugandan sun. The women earn income and BeadforLife product sales fund entrepreneurial training via our sister organization, Street Business School, where women gain business skills and confidence to transform their lives. We’ve helped more than 60,000 people to date through our programs!

What our partners are saying:

  • "WeRiseUP is proud to partner with BeadforLife including at our Sundance Film Festival Official Launch. We are inspired by and support their commitment to transforming the lives of women living in deep poverty through entrepreneurship. We hope you enjoy your BeadforLife as much as we do!"

    Kate Maloney PhD, WeRiseUP The Movie & Movement
  • "Our members were delighted and amazed as they checked in for our conference and discovered a tableful of assorted BeadforLife lanyards/necklaces awaiting them! Receiving this gift upon arrival really started our conference off on a bright note."

    Justine Allen Event Planner, Dining for Women's National Conference - Knowledge is Power