Have an At-Home Party…Online

Nope, not a pajama party. (Although that sounds fun too!) We’re talking about a virtual Party with a Purpose any night of the week. These parties give you an opportunity to become a part of our story without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Virtual BeadParties are a fun and engaging way to educate others around global issues,  connect with your community and offer them beautiful BeadforLife jewelry.

Grab some snacks, pour a drink and throw on those comfy clothes, it’s time to host a party with a purpose!

Why Host?   

In the face of COVID-19 people are at home and the women in Uganda are in our hearts. Hosting is an easy way to help BeadforLife’s tough financial situation, since our income streams from Mother’s Day parties and events have gone away. JOIN US to stay connected to our mission of empowering women to earn income and lift their families up during this difficult time.

AND, you’ll get a discount code for 50% OFF of a 1-time order after your virtual party.