A Marketplace is more than a place to shop—it's a place to connect, celebrate and share. Your purchase or donation today connects you directly with a woman or girl in Uganda who is working hard to start a small business or finish secondary school—and transform her life.

BeadforLife Marketplace: Progress To Date

We've raised 7% of our goal of $692.00

I'm hosting a BeadforLife Marketplace because I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to shine. My BeadforLife Marketplace is a chance for all of us to come together and fight extreme poverty in a joyful, meaningful way. Every cent we raise here helps spark an opportunity for a woman living in extreme poverty to transform her life through entrepreneurship. Together, we can make an incredible difference-and we can even look good doing it.

$692.00 sends 2 women through 6 months of Street Business School, which empowers them to start a self-sustaining business

Help one woman. Help her entire family.
When a new member enrolls in a BeadforLife beading group, she learns to make beautiful handmade jewelry. She also learns entrepreneurial skills, basic numeracy and how to start her own sustainable small business. When members graduate after 18 months, they have a business up and running—and the skills to keep it going for years to come. Not only do they lift themselves out of poverty, but they also create a new life for their family members.