Beads to Business Graduate
Bulenga, Uganda

Edith is 27 years old, kind and often smiles. She was born in Masaka district in a family of 5 and raised by her mother after her father remarried. In 2007 she completed her junior high school but wasn’t able to go on because her mother could not afford to pay her school fees.  Edith moved to Kampala city where she worked in a supermarket. She got married a few years later and together with her husband gave birth to 3 children.  Edith and her husband struggled to make ends meet, with Edith unemployed and her husband earning less than $2/day as an electronics repairer.  When Edith joined BeadforLife’s Progressive Group in April 2012 she made beautiful Musana and Leena earrings. With her bead earnings and BeadforLife entrepreneurial training she opened 4 small businesses.

The first business she launched was sell tap water at her home in Bulenga a semi-rural area. She makes $5 a day in a hot season from her 8000 litre water tank.  She refills it every 2 days.  Edith’s tap water tap is her highest earning business. Edith also opened a hair salon in her husband’s village after she realized that men and women walked a long distance to have their hair cut or done.  Close to the hair salon she built a cinema hall with old timber and used plastic. With permission from her husband, Edith carried their home television set to the village and started showing movies.  In evenings and on weekends when people are done with garden work, her cinema hall, the only one on the village fills up with mostly youth who watch movies translated into the local language. The total earnings of Edith’s village businesses are $3 a day.  As a final source of income, Edith is also currently growing potatoes on half an acre of land. Her future is bright now with the skills, income and spark of possibilities she gained as a member of BeadforLife.