Street Business School Graduate

Mable is a graduate of Street Business School.  Before joining, she and two children depended on her husband's small chapatti business, which earned the family approximately 3000 shillings a day - equivalent to 90 cents a day. She did what she could to help her husband, but they were never able to generate enough profits and the family lived in a one room mud hut and often ate one meal a day.

After joining Street Businss School, Mable learned that she didn't have to wait to have a big pile of money to start a business. After the session "Finding Capitol and Starting Small" Mable returned home and looked around. She quickly gathered an old iron, a leaking jerry can, and several other items. "I realized I was surrounded by trash," Mable says looking back on that day. Selling each of those items, she was able to put together 20,000, or about six dollars. With this money, she purchased flour, peas and oil. The next day, she was perched down the street from her husband selling homemade samosas.

That business has flourished - she now sells over 150 samosas a day - and she has added two other products, pancakes and muffins.  Each day, she earns a tidy profit of about $2 which has now tripled the family's income. In a year, once her youngest child is in school, Mable has dreams to move her business further away to a busier intersection where she knows she can sell more.  One of the secrets to her success is that she tries to provide the freshest products in the neighborhood. Customers now know that she won't fry your samosa until you order it, so they will receive something fresh and steaming hot.  Not only is Mable a proud business owner, but she has also become something of a business consultant in her neighborhood where people seek out her advice for their own businesses.

Mable's husband has been very supportive and together they are working to improve their lives. Over time, they have managed to save enough money to construct two solid brick rooms behind their current house. They just finished putting iron sheets on the roof and soon will be able to move into these solid structures, and still have one room to rent out to generate yet another income stream.

Today, Mable is a picture of confidence and pride. Her children are in school, her business is thriving, and soon she will have a solid brick home. 



"Street Business School helped me see what I could become."