The beading program provides smart and savvy women living in poverty with an entrepreneurial training that gives them the skills and confidence to transform their lives through the creation of a self-sustaining business. Unlike a typical fair trade model, these women graduate from the program as independent business owners.

While in the training, these independent women get first-hand experience with business concepts like accounting and quality control, by rolling paper beads and creating fashionable fair trade products. You can purchase these products online and help transform lives.

While in the program, women increase their income by 7 to 10 times through the sale of their products, giving them the ability to nurture their own small business while saving money for their future. We're there to coach and mentor them along the way, ensuring they don't just have the money to support their dreams - they have the confidence and know-how to thrive.

Beads to Business



We identify women who have the smarts and the sass to be enterpreneurs, but lack the confidence and know-how. We ensure that we enroll women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work it takes to move out of poverty forever.  


Around 100 prospective participants take part in a weekend workshop to determine their entrepreneurial potential. We're able to asses who has the determination and risk-taking skills to succeed as a business woman.


The 20-40 women who show us they have the skills to shine are enrolled in the program. We help them open a savings account and excitement abounds about the first day of training and a chance to transform their lives.


The main focus during this time is making money to save and invest. Women sell their quality fair trade products to us once or twice a month, providing them with income and stability. The business training begins, along with health classes and confidence building sessions.


Women continue to build confidence through individual mentoring and ongoing business training from BeadforLife's staff. They spread their wings when they withdraw a portion of their savings to launch their own local business, which could be anything from a produce stand to a shoe store.


At this point, women stop rolling beads so they can focus on their new businesses. They continue to receive mentoring and support to ensure success well into the future.


After the final session, these savvy women are ready to succeed as self-sustaining enterpreneurs. Exceptional students receive small grants to take their business to the next level.

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