Bracelets & Bangles

Our unique beaded bracelets and bangles are handmade by women in Uganda who live in poverty. By purchasing one of our paper bead bracelets and bangles you are helping us create opportunities. Because of this, women become educated, run their own business and improve their children’s lives.

  • Sanyu Bangle Bracelet

  • Fun Bangle Bracelet

    Musana Bangle Bracelet

  • Leena Three Strand Bracelet

  • Bliss Bangle

  • Love Bracelet

    Out of Stock
  • Aspire Bracelet-0

    Aspire Bracelet

  • Story Bangles

    Out of Stock
  • Confidence Bracelet-0

    Confidence Bracelet

    Out of Stock
  • Inner Light Gift Set-0

    Inner Light Gift Set

  • Envision Bracelet

    Out of Stock
  • Mirembe Wrap Bracelet

  • Adventurer Band-0

    Adventurer Band

  • Gaia Wrap

  • Zola Band Bracelet

  • Difference Maker Bracelet-0

    Difference Maker Bracelet

  • Boundless Bangle-0

    Boundless Bangle

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